Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 18 Online

Nikita Season 2
Watch Nikita Season 2 Episode 18 Online - I forgot to blog about the previous episode of Nikita Season 2, but I am here right now to write few things that happened last night, March 30, 2012, Friday, aired at The CW network.

Amanda and Ari have set up a board meeting with Zetrov and made preparations to take over the company. After a heated face-to-face confrontation between Nikita and Amanda, Nikita recalls what Amanda was like when she was first brought to Division. 

Meanwhile, Alex surprises Ari by showing up at the board meeting with an old and powerful friend.

This tv series was all about When Nikita was a deeply troubled teenager, she was rescued from death row by a secret U.S. agency known only as Division, who faked her execution and told her she was being given a second chance to start a new life and serve her country. 

What they didn't tell her was that she was being trained as a spy and assassin. Throughout her grueling training at Division, Nikita never lost her humanity, even falling in love with a civilian. 

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