Watch Bad Ass 2012 Movie Online [FREE]

Watch Bad Ass 2012 Movie Online [FREE] - Watch out for the upcoming bad ass movie this April 13, 2012. 'Bad Ass', an American action movie written by Elliot Tishman and directed by Craig Moss. Starring Danny Trejo, Charles S. Dutton, and Ron Perlman.

The film is all about a Decorated Vietnam vet Frank Vega came back home just to get shunned by society leaving him a job or his high school sweetheart.

It isn't until 40 years later when an unexpected incident on a bus, where he protects an elderly black man from a couple of bad goones (skin heads), makes him a hero where he is suddenly celebrated once again.

Okay, this is enough. I don't want to be a movie spoiler here. Just wait for the release date, buy some movie tickets and go to your nearest cinemas out there.

Here's the full cast of Bad Ass movie:
  • Danny Trejo as Frank Vega
  • Charles S. Dutton as Panther
  • Ron Perlman as Mayor Williams
  • Joyful Drake as Amber Lamps
  • John Duffy as Martin
  • Shalim Ortiz as Frank Vega (17-25 yrs)
  • Jillian Murray as Lindsay
  • Winter Ave Zoli as Tatiana
  • Richard Riehle as Father Miller
  • Harrison Page as Klondike
  • Craig Sheffer as Attorney
  • Patricia De Leon as Marissa
  • Danny Woodburn as Sluggy Korn-nuts
  • Patrick Fabian as Office Malark
  • Jennifer Blanc as Frances
  • Duane Whitaker as Rex
  • Ezra Buzzington as Feeble Clerk
  • Sam Rubin as Interviewer
  • Donzaleigh Abernathy as Mother
  • Chris Spencer as Martin Sr.
  • Frank Maharajh as Detective Shah
  • Christine Clayburg as News Anchor

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