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Watch Apartment 23 April 18 2012 Episode Online FREE - Season 1 Episode 2 (SE01E02) - This new tv series on ABC is getting hotter for those who loves watching primetime tv episodes. Tonight, the latest episode of Apartment 23 entitled, "Daddy's Girl" airs at 9:30PM, you can watch this every Wednesday night, same time.

June is a Midwestern girl with big dreams when she moved to New York. She is hired at a coffee shop and things go slowly until she meets Chloe, who on the outside seems nice and inviting, but secretly is a swindler who takes June's savings and spends it. 

However, June is smarter than that and retaliates by selling all of Chloe's furniture. James Van Der Beek (playing himself) and Chloe soon learn that June may be naive, but she isn't dumb. 

Dating is awkward enough, but when you add Chloe into the mix, it grows tenfold, which June learns the hard way when she begrudgingly allows Chloe to set her up. Meanwhile, James decides to teach an acting class but can't seem to escape his Dawson persona.

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