Walang Hanggan April 13 2012 Episode

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Watch Walang Hanggan April 13 2012 Episode Online Streaming FREE - Walang Hanggan is a Philippine tv series originally telecasted via ABS-CBN featuring an ensemble cast. The season premiere is on January 16, 2012 and as of now, they have 63 episodes.

The story starts in the mid-80's in the region of Olivarez. Marco (Richard Gomez), son and future heir of his family's wine company fell in love with Emily (Dawn Zulueta), the daughter of one of their workers. Margaret (Helen Gamboa) solely disapproves of Marco and Emily's relationship as she sees her son with none other than Jane (Rita Avila), the rich daughter of a bank owner.

Margaret will do anything just to break Marco and Emily's relationship, which becomes one of the main reasons of her rivalry between her sister, Virginia (Susan Roces), eventually cutting their ties as siblings.

As a result of Margaret's actions, Emily's father (Spanky Manikan) dies of a heart attack and Emily is sent to jail and gave birth to a stillborn child named Emil (but this baby is in fact still alive in the person of Daniel) while Marco and Jane gets married, which makes Emily swear that one day, she will exact revenge on Marco and Margaret, and be as wealthy as them.

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